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Case Study 4


Decommissioning of Water Treatment Plant. At DS Environmental we routinely provide the service of site decommissioning and decontamination services. As with all our works each project is carefully planned.
This particular case was that of a disused Water Treatment Plant at a local reservoir. The task was to remove solidified salt from the tank in a Safe and Effective manner.

case study 4a
The equipment best suited to complete this task was the DISAB Suction Unit, which is a deep suction machine used in applications where heavy,wet or dry materials need to be removed from deep tanks etc.
All water was removed from the tank leaving behind the solidified salt. We then introduced the DISAB , with its massive suction power was able to extract the salt from the water treatment plant without the use of man entry.
An option of disposal was sourced and the salt was delivered to a licensed disposal facility for treatment. All in a successful project completed from start to finish by DS Environmental.

case study 4 


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