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Drain Super 1000 Recycler Latest Addition Fleet

DS Environmental has welcomed the new addition to their fleet, the custom built Wiedemann & Reichhardt Super 1000 Recycler. The team travelled to the factory in Altenmunster, Germany for the 3 day training and final acceptance of the vehicle which arrived at our depot in Donegal in March 2014

Why we invested in a Super 1000 Recycler?

  In order to ensure we remain the leading environmental company in the North West, we researched what equipment to invest in and  decided the Super 1000 Recycler was the best solution for us. Below are some of the reasons:

High Performance:

2 large pumps, a 406L/min HP water pump and a 4000m3/hr suction pump. Using the Super 1000 we can finish big jobs more efficiently and quickly than the traditional Jet Vac. Deep pumping stations, for example, can be completed in less than half the time it would have taken before. The high volume suction will literally lift concrete blocks from the bottom of almost any sump.”

Health & Safety

From a health and safety point of view, the Super 1000 Recycler reduced the need to enter confined spaces because the Recycler can wash, vacuum and remove any debris from sumps without the need for man-entry. Environment: As the name suggests, the Recycler will ‘recycle’ water and waste water for the purposes of washing and jetting. This means there is a drastic reduction in the amount of clean drinking water wasted in the drain cleaning process. Efficiency: The water recycling technology allows you to save precious clean water rather to be wasted on sewer cleaning.  

 For more details on the Drain Super 1000 Recycler please contact us today.


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