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How To Unblock A Toilet Without A Plunger

Toilet blockages can cause flooding in your bathroom and that is the last thing that you are going to want in your home. If you find that your toilet has a poor flush, there is gargling or takes a while for the waste to go through the u-bend, your toilet might be on the verge of a complete blockage. Before calling a drain cleaning engineer, here are a few tips and tricks that you can try for yourself:

How to unblock a toilet without a plunger

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This old trick can work if your blockage can be broken down.

  • If your toilet is blocked it is essential that you try to remove as much water as possible from the toilet using a bucket. (This ensures that the baking soda does not become wet or diluted).
  • Surround the toilet unit with towels and keep a few extra aside to prepare for in the event of an overflow when the mix is added.
  • Pour at least half a box of baking soda down your toilet drain.
  • Proceed to pour a half cup of vinegar into the bowl.
  • Leave the mix in the toilet bowl for 30 minutes so that it has sufficient time to break down the substance which has caused the toilet to clog in the first place.
  • Flush the toilet to see if the clog has cleared fully. If the toilet continues to drain at slow pace, repeat the steps above until the substance has fully dissolved.

Washing Up Liquid

Washing up liquid can work to unblock your drain. Here is your steps to take:

  • Lay towels around your toilet so that you can clean up any spillage as a result of an overflow.
  • Remove as much water as possible from the toilet bowl using a bucket.
  • Pour a half to 1 cup full of washing up liquid into the toilet.
  • Leave the soap to work on removing the blockage. As soap is heavier than water, it will be able to work its way into the drainage system where it then acts as a lubricant.
  • Add as much boiling water as you can. The boiling water is essential as it stays at the top of the bowl and will work with the washing liquid to push the clog down into the drain.
  • If your toilet continues to drain slowly, repeat this process until the blockage has disappeared.

Other methods

There are other DIY methods that you can try out if you do not have a plunger at hand. Putting a plastic bag on a mop head can work but you must ensure that the mop or bag are fitted correctly as this may cause further problems if they fall off.

Bending a wire coat hanger is also a solution as it has the ability to curve up around the bend in the toilet. With this method however, you do run the risk of scratching or damaging the enamel in your toilet.

What if these methods do not work?

If the methods above will not work for you, then you better call your local drain cleaning company as you may have a bigger problem at hand. Blocked toilets can also be a result of a full septic tank. If unsure what the problem is, you can always get a drain engineer to inspect where and what is causing the clogged toilet. Call (0)74 9139522 now or email for a quote if you are experiencing a blockage in your toilet today.

We would like to hear your thoughts

If you have any solutions that you have tried before that worked to get your toilets unclogged, we would like to hear of them. Use our comment form below and share this post with others who might be in this situation at the moment.

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