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Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering and Thickening Rig

Being the only company in Ireland in possession of this equipment we feel we are in the forefront of our industry. As a conscious environmental company it is our duty to provide our valued customers with the most up to date equipment allowing the job in hand to be carried out in an economical and efficient manner.

Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering and Thickening Rig

The removal of ultrafine particles from the effluent prior to discharge into the sewage works is crucial as the disposal costs are greatly increased dependent on the amount of suspended solids it contains. With the use of the centrifuge it greatly reduces volume, saving money on storage and transportation. The systems can be individually adapted, feature all of the necessary components, are fully piped and ready for immediate use, from municipal wastewater plants to the management of peak load to an enormous variety of industrial fields to rapid support in the event of bottlenecks.  In the Waste Water Industry this equipment works most efficiently when used in conjunction with our Sludge Screen. This removes rag, stone and silt from effluent and returns the liquid back to the treatment plant clean and re-usable. The Mobile Centrifuge is a secondary filter system which enables the fluid to be returned back into the water source and the ‘cake’ ( extracted silt) to be reused as a recyclable material . 

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