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BPM Tri Screen Plus


Tr screen

Capitalising on our 25 Years of experience in servicing and implementing solutions within the waste and water sectors, this innovative 3 stage approach is specifically designed to process material with high volumes of rag, fat and grit. Solids removed in the process for disposal are also industry leading in terms of cleanliness and dryness, significantly reducing transport costs.


. Stage 1 ( rag removed) ensures that screens do not blind there for returning optimal product to a treatment facility (major benefit in comparison to traditional vibration and screening systems)
. Cleanliness of waste reduces odour ,maximises and optimises skip use.
. Increased throughout reduces tanker downtime and minimises transport costs.
.One man operation with a minimal operator intervention.
.Robust design ensures reliability and minimise downtime.
. Efficient solid separation minimises grit build up /blockages in tanks reducing plant downtime.
. In-situ processing reduces the requirement to transport large volumes of product to a central processing facility-minimising transportation and disposal costs.
.Comprehensive Operation Module with full training available.
.BPM Tri-Screen Pus is tailored to the properties of your product with total control of variable speed pumps ( feeding product to vibrating beds)and frequency of vibration, ensuring optimal screening capture.
.Solid capture location can be amended to suit specific requirements.

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