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Chimney Flue Surveying

Chimney Flue repairsChimney Repairs

There are numerous different problems that can occur with a chimney.  Usually when it is evident that there is some kind of problem, or the chimney is not operating effectively, there are repair works required.  Due to the structure of the chimney stack and the significant costs associated with structural repairs, the client would want to be certain of the faults before any work commences.

Find fault using CCTV Surveys

DS Environmental Services Technicians can use a specialised CCTV camera unit to carry out a detailed internal condition survey of a chimney flue, which can pin-point the exact location of faults and allow the repair team prepare an appropriate plan of action.  This can significantly lower the costs involved with repairs.

Common Problems with chimneys

Sand/debris/insulation falling down the chimney – this can be a sign that the chimney flue has cracked or is broken.

Fumes in the house – This is an indication that there is a major fault within the flue stack.  Carbon Monoxide is a lethal gas which is colourless and odourless, and is associated with burning fossil fuels.

Chimney not drawing properly – A good working fireplace suddenly drawing poorly is an indication of problems.

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