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Hazardous Waste

We collect your waste, we transport it....and we treat it! 

If you need fast, safe disposal of hazardous commercial and industrial waste, talk to DS Environmental. From waste management to disposal, decontamination & decommissioning, we guarantee prompt, efficient solutions that serve your business & protect the environment.

DS Environmental offers hazardous waste disposal with a proven track record in managing waste streams safely, effectively and compliantly, always with the environment in mind. Our specialist solutions encompass waste streams including chemical, radioactive, laboratory and pharmaceutical waste.

Hazardous waste or hazardous muck away is defined as 'containing properties that may render it harmful to human health or the Environment'. The European Commission Directive 91/689/EEC dictates how hazardous waste should be managed. For the Constructor, today's complex legislation coupled with environmental and cost considerations, directly impact how businesses remove and dispose of hazardous waste.

Whether you are looking to clean up a petrol station or are undertaking hazardous waste site-clearance, Soils and Stone will devise the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound waste management programme.

Once we have all your site information our specialist team will look at the best solution for you waste disposal. Traditional methods may still be the most appropriate. Alternatively, new decontamination technologies such bio-remediation may also reduce the amount that goes to landfill.

All our processes are compliant with EA requirements and include the preparation and administration of EA consignment notes. What's more, we will work with your own in-house team or external experts where needed.

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