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Half of Irelands Septic Tanks Fail Inspections

In March the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) released figures which show that approximately half of all septic tanks inspections carried out in Ireland in 2015 have failed to meet the minimum regulatory requirements.

The main cause of these failures was said to be a lack of desludging maintenance carried out by home owners. Just under 80% of tanks aged 50 years or older failed the test. The highest rate of failure was recorded in Limerick where 79% of all tanks failed the septic tank inspection.

EPA inspection figures

Approximately 987 inspections were carried out by the EPA before July 2014, with a failure rate of 476 septic tanks. More than half of all failures occurred as the tank systems were not frequently de-sludged. Of those which failed their inspections, 79% have been rectified and have now passed the test. Since the septic tank regulations were introduced in 2013, the local authorities are now required to ensure that all septic tanks are adequately maintained and that they do not pose risk the health of home owners and our environment. Of the 450,000 total septic tanks operating in Irish homes, a mere 1000 inspections are carried out per year.

Free tank inspections

If you have received notice that your tank is going to be inspected or if you would like to know what sort of condition your tank is in, our engineers are offering free septic tank inspections to home owners in the North West. Read more about our free septic tank inspections.

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