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Septic Tanks Installed

DS Environmental have links with most of the major manufacturers of waste water systems and pump stations. Our site experience and expertise also make us one of the most widely recognised installers in the industry. The installation of waste water treatment systems and pump stations often requires a great deal of thought and consideration prior to commencement of the work. 


Relevant Sewage System

Using our many years of experience, we are able to be able to assist the customer in choosing the relevant sewage system for the particular application. This involves considering the quality of the discharge that is required, the aesthetic effect on its surroundings, the purchase price, and the ultimate running costs. These factors will then be considered in order to determine which manufacturers’ plant we would recommend.


After choosing the sewage system, the location is carefully marked out together with the drain runs. The customer is then walked through the proposed system to ensure they are fully aware of all aspects of the job. Prior to any work starting, photographs of the existing area are also taken to ensure reinstatement to the existing style and standard can be achieved. Also before work starts, plants and shrubs are removed and kept for re-planting.

Our Staff

Once work has commenced, our staff liaise with customers at all stages to give complete peace of mind. On completion, the site is reinstated to its previous condition or redesigned should the client wish.

DS Environmental supply and install septic tanks and bio units. Contact one of the sales team today for full details

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