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Grease Traps Management

Have you a Hotel, Restaurant,Take Away or Business with Catering Facilities?

grease trap cleaning service

Chances are you use a Grease Trap?

How often should it be emptied?

How will I know when it needs emptied?

Your grease trap should be emptied every 2 months or more depending on the season and its use.

  • You will know when it needs emptying as you will get a bad smell from it
  • If not emptied regularly you could potentially get a blockage, causing it to over flow.
  • Your grease trap may on occasion need a service.
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Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Programme - The introduction of the Effluent Discharge Licence under the Water Pollution Acts 1977 (& 1990 as amended) demands that any businesses that serves food must have adequate systems to trap grease and protect contamination of watercourses. Such businesses are now required to have grease traps and an ongoing maintenance plan as part of environmental protection legislation.

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