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Septic Tanks Cleaning

Is your septic tank compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency ?

DS Environmental offer a full range of Septic Tank Cleaning Services, from the emptying of residential tanks to the desludging of Industrial Plants.
By not having your septic tank cleaned regularly you could find over a period of time problems will start to arise.

How would you Identify these Problems?

. Foul smell both externally and internally
. A back up from your drains and toilets
. A muddy, water logged percolation Area
. Greener grass growing around the septic tank area
. Slower Drainage Activity

 septic tank 1  septic tank 2  septic tank 3


Heavy Particlers remain as sludge at the bottom of you tank. Should this be allowed to build up where it threatens to block your tank, the damage can be quite harsh on your pocket. Not to mention a threat to your health.

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