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Septic Tanks Pose Threat Drinking Water

Poorly maintained, leaking septic tanks can pose as a threat to the local supply of drinking water; particularly for those who are not connected to mains water. Approximately one third of Ireland’s households reply on a domestic wastewater treatment system to collect, treat and dispose of their wastewater. When these systems, including septic tanks, are not adequately maintained, they are in serious danger of contaminating domestic well water sources.

Water Contamination

Contaminated water from DWWTS carry bacteria germs called pathogens and harmful chemicals which can cause extremely serious and harmful illnesses. In addition to effecting our health and wellbeing, failing to maintain septic tank systems can also damage our environment. Although other sources such as slurry tanks, farm animals, fertilisers, pesticides and industrial chemical leaks can significantly harm our water sources; septic tanks are the most common and the most preventable cause.

How Do I Ensure That My Water is Safe?

It is important to ensure that your septic tank is clean and adequately maintained, otherwise they can pose a risk to health, the environment and the quality of local water supply. Regular maintenance and emptying of domestic and commercial septic tanks is essential. In addition to maintaining your septic tank system, it is also important to ensure that grease, bleach, chemicals, food and disposable items are excluded from your DWWTS. It is recommended to have well water tested once every year or at least every three years and to keep an updated record of all of work carried out. For advice on well water testing, contact your local HSE Environmental Health Officer.

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