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Road Sweeper

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    Our Road Sweepers is available for long/short time hire and suitable for for all sites including Housing developments and commercial business parks.

    Klass CherryPicker

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      Cherrypicker reaches 28 metres

      Cherrypicker can be used as a crane

      Working height of 34 metres.


      Renault Vacuum Tanker

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        This Renault Vacuum tanker is one of our newest additions to the fleet.  The tanker can hold from 13,650-27,240 litres and is suitable for de-sludging, drain jetting and emptying gullies. The Renault has a detachable trailer which is used on a regular basis to reduce our carbon footprint, which is also good for the environment.



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          The Daf Vacuum Master is suitable for drain jetting, de-sludging and emptying gullies.  The Daf Vacuum Master has a large 10000 litre tank allowing us to empty up to 3 septic tanks at a time, helping us reduce our carbon footprint which is extremely good for the environment.

          Renault Premium

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          • Renault Premium1

            The Renault Premium is a large Vacuum tanker that is suitable for haulage of large amounts of liquid waste.  The vehicle can hold up to 33,000 litres.


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