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Rausch Pipe Inspection Camera


The Rausch crawler camera pipe inspection system is capable of surveying pipes from 100mm in diameter to 600mm in diameter.

Result of survey can viewed by the customer in real-time by accessing the link provided to them by us .

Rausch Camera Technology

Key Features and Benefits

The Rausch camera head is pressurised by pumping it with the special hand pump supplied. The rausch system has been designed in such a way that each component part is pressurised and sealed independently - for example when the camera head is removed from the crawler it is still sealed. This means that if there is a pressure loss in one part of the system it will not cause a pressure loss in another part of the system. This also means that if the surveyor needs to remove the camera in order to change pipe diameter setup, the system will retain the pressure and will not need to be pressurised again after assembly. The camera pressure and crawler pressure are electronically monitors independently and the pressure is indicated at the controller in the van. The camera is protected against water by means of heavy duty seals and windows in addition to the 500mBar internal positive pressure. 

Camera Zoom and illumination

This Camera head is equipped with 10x Optical Zoom plus 12x Digital Zoom, in addition to this camera head it has a very high resolution camera module thus ensuring high quality video images even at long distance zoom levels. High intensity and high quality LED's installed at the front of the camera head. These LED are long life and are protected by heavy duty windows. The LED lights are mounted on the moving part of the camera head so they are always illuminating the area being inspected.

Pan & Tilt

The camera is capable of panning and tilting, it has a pan operation range of 280 degrees and can tilt endlessly. Both pan and tilt functions also include position information which can be displayed on screen. The camera has an integrated function to bring it to the normal home position at the press of a button. There is also an “E-Flip” function which can automatically upright the video image shown onscreen



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